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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Welcome back limba!

I hate hipsters. I grabbed a sub from subway. They are running this deal where a 6inch sub is 2$. Anyways I'm eating my sub and walking around this vintage place when out of no where this hipster appears. Dude looks like he's straight out of 1992. Total college hipster douche. He's trying to buy this circa 1980s VHS recorder thing. It's like 15 bucks, he wants to pay like 11 or something.. He's hard trying to get the guy to come down on price. I walk up "I'll pay 15 for it" hipster glare of death and he says he'll do 15 I go 20. I end up buying it for 20, this guy follows me outside telling me what an ass hole I am. I casually walk up to the store dumpster and slam dunk the VHS recorder into it busting it into pieces. The look on his face was priceless. I feel kind of bad about it now, I don't know if it's the time of year or the cold but I feel a bit uppity.
I kept waiting for "and then Bill Murrey said..."

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