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I fought off a guy that had a knife.

Anyway i was making a deal with someone. I dont want to go into the details but it was 120$ moneys worth. The guy tells me the chick wants to see the money first but i told him i cant do that. He is sitting shotgun btw. He then proceeded to take out a knife and told me he would kill me if he didnt get the money. I was sitting there shocked just looking at the knife and i told him "Cmon dude you dont want to do this" he then told me he would kill me again. He proceeded to reach into my pocket forcefully and when i moved his hand he pricked me with the knife. That just set off a natural reaction and i grabbed the hand with the knife and tried to get it out while headbutting him with the side of my head. He proceeded to flee but had a leg stuck in my car. I grabbed the lag and pushed it out but as i did that he managed to jab me into my nose. I was too busy staring at the knife to care about his other arm. He busted my nose open but i was able to shuv him out and drive out of there.

Probably the scariest thing i have ever been a part off. My nose bled all the way home which was like a 40minute drive and i started getting dizzy. Now im alright though and my lip is a bit swollen but thats it.

BTW... i know the smart thing would have been giving him the money. But i guess my natural reaction was to fight.

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