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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Getting stabbed is always going to be a possible outcome when buying drugs. Similar to sleeping with a hooker without a condom and getting an STI.

I've never valued a chemical over my life, so have stayed away from hard drugs. I assume it's hard drugs, as weed is so easy to get from random stoners in college that wouldn't stab a fly.

If you wanna do drugs, cool, no judgement from me. But I also don't sympathise when the outcome is rough.

Crazy story though, I bet the adrenaline high was better than whatever shit you were buying too
Yeah no sympathy needed. Doesnt change the fact that these people that rob others for drugs or money or w/e are nothing more but boxer stains on the planet. And tbh just because a guy buys drugs does not mean he deserves to be stabbed. I dont need or want sympathy but you bet your ass if i hear of someone i know getting stabbed over buying drugs, he will get my sympathy. I am not going to act as if he didnt bring it on himself but im also not going to act as if he deserves to get stabbed or something. Just my opinion. Not trying to change yours.

I know what the realities are with drug dealers and what not but still... its different when you actually experience it. Certainly a wake up call that im not invincible and i need to be more careful.

Honestly man... the adrenaline was mixed with so much fear for my life that i couldnt enjoy it at all haha. When i reached for his arm in my head i thought i would be dead if he gets the arm lose. I pushed his arm with the knife into his leg while simultaneously giving him my right shoulder and using my head to continuously head butt him. When he tried to escape and i had his leg and i pushed him out i even yelled at him haha "Thats right get the **** out". Which is when i got jabbed haha. I reached for the door with my eyes on him and the door was on auto lock so as soon as it closed i knew i was out of the woods. But somehow durring the scuffle my seat moved allll the way back so i wasnt able to drive off as fast as i would have liked to. Anyway... i kept my money my health and learned a lesson AND i feel like i proved something to myself. (Not that i ever want to do that again).

Anyway... im only telling the forum and my best friend what happened. It isnt a story i want getting out around my circle off friends. But i hope you guys can understand why i wanna get it off my chest.

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