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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Yeah no sympathy needed. Doesnt change the fact that these people that rob others for drugs or money or w/e are nothing more but boxer stains on the planet. And tbh just because a guy buys drugs does not mean he deserves to be stabbed. I dont need or want sympathy but you bet your ass if i hear of someone i know getting stabbed over buying drugs, he will get my sympathy. I am not going to act as if he didnt bring it on himself but im also not going to act as if he deserves to get stabbed or something. Just my opinion. Not trying to change yours.
Oh not at all, I don't feel a drug user deserves to be stabbed at all. I despise the dealers that act like the situation you described. I just also feel it's a known risk, and unfortunately it does happen.

If it happened to a close friend of mine (none of them do drugs, but a hypothetical situation) I'd be very sympathetic about it. But random stories (not aimed at you btw, just in general) about drug deals going wrong just make me shake me head. It happens so often that it's hard to feel bad for someone who probably knows there's a high chance of it happening, but chooses to do it anyway to put a dangerous chemical into their body.

But I 100% agree that it is in no way deserved. It may be naivity, stupidness, or just addiction as to why someone would put themselves in that situation, but they did put themselves into it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't take the victims side 10 times out of 10.

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