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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Out of curiosity, what makes PA.'s assistance better than others?

I know of 2 cases personally where expectant mothers have jumped on a bus to have their babies in PA. One was from KY. the other from NC.

The one from NC. told Mrsfan that she had learned of this from the local illegal immigrant community and that it was a common practice for them.

Do you see that as a good thing or bad?
Well. As far as pregnant women in PA go there is no income or resource limit for them. If they have no other health coverage then they can receive medicaid up to 60 days after the baby is born regardless of there income or how much money they have in the bank or vehicles they own etc, etc. All they have to do is verify they are pregnant through a doctor with an EDC. The newborn is covered all of the way to 1 year old and then they are re-determined for medicaid.

As far as someone getting on a bus and moving here from out of state to receive benefits it is not as easy as it sounds, you have to verify your PA residence.

As far as immagrants go there is now a five year bar for any non UC citezen immagrants so they can only receive state funded Medicaid which usually includes less coverage.

Is it good or bad? Any means available for a Woman who is pregnant to receive proper health coverage is not a bad thing. They have to do what they have to do.

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