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I am honestly surprised by the support for EA MMA on here. I have played Undisputed and EA multiple times and EA MMA is undoubtedly an utterly awful game. So many things wrong with it.

- The grappling system was complete shit. You could win every single with match with the same combination of moves. Dashing Takedown + Armbar. DO that and you win every single match within the first 30 seconds generally.

- The movement was horrible since you looked like you were gliding half the time.

- The punching part of striking was fine but the kicks were god awful. Very sluggish and annoyingly difficult to throw.

- Overly simplistic grappling. Instead of skill we can use a single button to advance and a single button to block. Not that either matters because the moment you lock on a limb submission you win.

- Extremely limited move selection for customizing fighters. 16 moves? Really?

- Arbitrary, random numbers set for the big name fighters in the game.

I work with video games every day and the vast majority of people absolutely despised EA MMA. It's support here is mind boggling.

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