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Sorry Dead you are outnumbered here .

The grappling system was complete shit. You could win every single with match with the same combination of moves. Dashing Takedown + Armbar. DO that and you win every single match within the first 30 seconds generally.
The game is easy on normal mode without a doubt, you need to put it on hard to gain a challenge. Never made a submission base character (Preferred strikers) so I don't know how easy it was to submit when your sub skills rating are high, but with average skill ratings it sure wasn't that easy. Also as a Kickboxer I worked on my clinch and TDD, both which allowed me to keep things on the feet. Even if it is easy to submit in this game you would have to take me down first ;-). If a sub artist takesdown a Kickboxer he should have all the advantages, just like if a Kickboxer is able to keep it standing he should have the advantage. Just like real life.

- The movement was horrible since you looked like you were gliding half the time.
I totally disagree with you, movement and striking range was one of it's stronger points.

- The punching part of striking was fine but the kicks were god awful. Very sluggish and annoyingly difficult to throw.
I played Kickboxer and in no way was it hard to land kicks. It's slower to land than punches obviously because they are more powerful, but all you need is to perfect timing.

- Overly simplistic grappling. Instead of skill we can use a single button to advance and a single button to block. Not that either matters because the moment you lock on a limb submission you win.
Not so simple. You have different mechanics that go into it. Possible choices while grappling, block (RT), evade (RT and direction of incoming hit), strike to body, strike to head, advance or prevent advancement (A for advancement, O for prevention I believe), try and stand up or prevent from standing up (Y to stand or O to prevent), and X to try and submit. Also you to press to advance or stand up the opponent can prevent by pressing a button with a certain time frame. If you try block punches being thrown on the ground you are open for subs, if you try and advance to fast your opponent can sweep you. Hardly "press one button" for this and that, it's not that simplistic.

- Extremely limited move selection for customizing fighters. 16 moves? Really?
16 SPECIAL moves, that is in addition to regular moves. Though you are right on the customization part which was a bit lacking.

- Arbitrary, random numbers set for the big name fighters in the game.
Rating a fighter's skill is a bit arbitrary don't you think because it is based on that person's opinion of the fighter. We can all agree Maia is a top sub artist right? But what exact number would you give in on a scale of 1-100? 85? 91? 97? Or how about rating striking in a fighter like Nick Diaz where you have fanbois that would give him a 99 and haters that would give him a 65? That point is moot IMO.

I think you played it for 1-3 hours tops after spending a good portion playing Undisputed and didn't like the difference between the two (a guess really so don't take it personal). Both games are good in their own respects. I personally didn't like Undisputed but that doesn't mean that it sucks - maybe it's not my style. It's like those than shat on Modern Warfare and praise Battlefield, whenever you have two different interpretations of the same thing people will disagree and choose one or the other (some enjoy both).

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