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Love that post Satori

I agree with Oldie. When my childhood Dog passed away in 2009, I was heartbroken and swore to never have another Dog. I felt like getting another dog was me trying to replace him and an insult.

My parents got another dog 6 months later and I wanted nothing to do with him. Not maliciously, I just didn't want to get close to their dog in the way I was close with Buzz.

I stayed in that mind frame for 6 months, until one day when my Mother was walking him she injured herself and couldn't walk him anymore, so I said I'd do it until she was healthy again. 18 months later, he's my dog and still living with me and his pictures have been spammed in here.

He'll never replace my first dog, ever. To replace a pet is impossible, but I love him just as much now and he's my best friend.

This post may sound weird and corny to non Dog owners, but I guarantee every dog owner has a very similar story. I missed out on 6 months with my Hound out of guilt.

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