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Just not in real life by most gamers as the sales numbers and customers have shown.
Could it be because Undisputed was released first, had a marketing push (EA didn't) and recognizable fighters would it ?

I actually played through it on hard after having a couple practice matches. I still subbed everybody in the first round. The Dashing takedown ignores tdd. I literally never had anyone defend it. Not once. And not once did I have anyone escape one of my subs except the one time I accidentally tried a rear naked on the game.
I have finished two careers and have never saw a dashing takedown (I know it's a special move) used by the comp. I doubt that my 100 rank TDD would not be able to stop it however, but I cannot say for sure because I haven't experienced it. You can dash away (left or right) though and movement is a big part of the game. If you are right that you cannot stop it then obviously that's broken and would need to be fixed, I agree.

The movement was awful. How could you say gliding over the ground was a strong point?
Your opinion is that the fighters were gliding, and I disagree, I dont think they glide at all but that's strictly my opinion.

I didn't say that they were hard to land. They overly complicated to throw. I had to hold down three buttons and flick the stick to throw a hard leg kick. That seems a bit much for one of the most basic strikes in mma.
The only time you have to hold more than one button is when you throw a body kick, and that's two buttons and the joystick, not three buttons. Otherwise to throw a leg or head kick you hold down one button (left trigger) and use the joystick.

It was all one button. You had one button to advance and another to block it. The block was the same button to get up. The base set up for the game has that one button blocking a pass, blocking a submission, and standing up. No skill required. You could ignore gnp because if you hit the button you stood up or you hit the other button to sweep. That's it. That's pretty simple. Almost as if the people making the game didn't know a damn thing about grappling.
They used the WWE system (gamewise) and though the grappling system certainly can use some work, it's not that bad either. EA MMA really shines in fluidity and stand up (joystick movements own button mashing) IMO but can use some improvement. Undisputed had three games that came out, EA had one so in reality it's like comparing NBA live '12 to NBA 2k 9. I'm sure they'll fix many of the holes that plagued the first game. I haven't played Undisputed 3 yet so I can't really comment besides looking at the trailer, but has anything really changed since Undisputed 1? Still looks like the same game touched up graphically from the trailer.

A bit? It was awful. 16 moves most of which were useless or so complex as to be nearly impossible to pull off most days. Not to mention the couple that were glitched and wouldn't work pretty much at all.
Yeah no argument there.

Yeah but giving someone who's never been submitted or submitted someone a 30 skill in the submission game seems odd for say King Mo. It's a little too arbitrary.
I haven't notice gross cases like that, but I'll check out his stats, if true then I agree with you.

And you would be wrong. I work at a game rental store and I played the game because I get them for free. I played through an entire 50 fight career - on hard - and went undefeated. Every fight was a first round submission except for one of the Vale Tudo fights but only because I wanted to soccer kick my opponent. I was rocked maybe twice. I don't like EA MMA not because it is different than Undisputed but because it is a bad game and the vast majority of the gaming world happens to agree with me on that.
If you were only rocked twice that means to me that you used an exploit formula(a hole in the game), because it's hard for me to believe that in a 50 fight career (I thought career's were only 40 fights?) that you would only be rocked twice. Don;t know if you entire post is an exaggeration with some truth to it or if we played the same game here. BTW I am no novice to gaming myself and have been playing games since atari.

Also on the "entire gaming world agrees with me" is pretty much like saying "MW is the best FPS and everyone in gaming agrees" which would be wrong. Many gamers and critics liked EA MMA and many liked Undisputed. Both got good marks it share of it's supporters. Saying it's a bad game would mean most of the gaming world agrees that it is a bad game, which wasn't the case.

Hehe we sound like dweebs.

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