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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Umm no. I'm talking about the opinions of people who actually played EA MMA and Undisputed. It's sales numbers tanked because it is an awful game. The game doesn't even sell right now and used it's 4.99. New it's 9.99.

It wouldn't stop it and it auto targets. SO if you take steps either way it corrects your course.

No it's not. It's something every critic complained. Every player has complained about and it's quiet obvious.

It's three if you want to throw a power kick since you have to hold the power modifier button.

Neither game used a wrestling grappling system. EA doesn't make any wrestling games that I am aware of and THQ didn't use the same system or engine for Undisputed that it does for the WWE games.

And the kicks were not fluid. AT all. looked like the character was having a seizure or taking a dump every time he threw a kick.

So you haven't played Undisputed 2010? It's a vast improvement over 2009 and Undisputed 3 looks like it's going to be just as big an improvement over 2010. It plays much smoother. The clinch work and ground game are extremely technical as they are all joystick and not button mashing. They used joystick for head movement and now defensive movement on the ground in the new one.

Check them out. According to EA MMA Shamrock has the same level submission game as Roger Gracie while King Mo has never trained it in his life.

No exaggeration. The game just isn't hard. We did play the same game but we definitely don't have the same POV on it. Since you actually enjoyed it. I did too for about the first ten fights and then it got sad real quick. And the career may have been 40 fights but I was thinking fifty for some reason. Could be wrong there.

It is a bad game. Was it more fluid in it's animations than Undisputed? Yes. Was it more fluid in movement? No. Does it have better, more in depth skill based gameplay? Not at all. EA MMA is - at best - an arcade view of mma. Quick, easy to master, and with virtually no replay value.

And, McKeever, do you ever actually add anything besides a pervading sense of asshatishness to any conversation? Did I ever say the game was more fluid than Fight Night? Hell no. The Fight Night games are some of my favorites. I love the joystick style controls for it. I love the gameplay but EA MMA is no Fight Night. I can play the Fight Night games again and again but I won't even play EA MMA for free at this point. And I don't think I know games better because I work with games. I use that as my reason for having played so many different games since I get to play them for free. You assumed everything else.

Jesus the fact that you think that video looks good is a sad , sad thing. The kicks look like they land with all the force of a slight breeze and the punches are slow. The movement looks awful. Like they are sliding across ice. Seriously no living creature moves like that. The only thing that looked good was the flying knee. Everything else was crap.

I don't see how you can say that whole eyeballs comment with literally laughing at yourself.

Of course, the movement and fluidity of the fighters is much better in this game though .

You're off your head mate.

And please, stop sending me private messages, store rental guy. They are getting ignored.
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