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I love replies like yours, McKeever. It just shows how you don't have a leg to stand on when you have to focus on somebody's job over their actual opinions, facts, or anything else for that matter.


I praise Fight Night because it controls beautifully and smoothly. No lag. Nothing overly complex in the scheme. It does need to work on head movement controls but overall it's probably the best combat sports game out there.

EA MMA has no where near the polish or responsiveness of the Fight Night controls. It's sluggish and prone to lag between button push or stick flick and the actual action. It just isn't a good game. It's one of the worst fighting games I have played in years barring any fighting game made for the Kinect or Move.

I - no exaggeration - have literally not met a single person face to face who liked EA MMA. Like I said we have it on sale for 4.99 but no one will buy the bloody thing.

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