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I grew up right outside of Quebec city where most people thought I was chinese because I wasnt white, nor black. Im Filipino. About 20 years ago in my small town, you were either french, english, black, white, chinese or a combination of two of those...Seriously. If you spoke english, you were considered 'english'. I was an english/chinese person.

Anyways, between the ages of 7-12 I got along well with almost everyone but was fortunate enough to be a very strong, aggressive kid. So no one ever really picked on me. If they did, I would normally beat the crap out of them.

One time after class when I was about 8, these two 13 year old kids starting bugging me and my buddy. Making racist comments about my skin color. I was already decided this was gonna end with a fight with me probably losing, but then a group of 16 year olds showed up, and started picking on the 13 year olds! I wanted to leave but one of the 16 year old kids kept smiling and me and winking to say: "dont worry man, we got your back" and they proceeded to harass the 13 year olds until one of them started crying!

Those kids never even dared look me in the eyes after that.

Wasnt funny at the time but it is now! I'd like to think those 16 year old taught those 13 year olds a lesson. Always bigger fish out there mother ****ers.
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