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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Indeed. If you search the list on the actual website it states that some names have not been disclosed. I imagine one of them is Rothschild. All true what you say about the Rothschilds too. Formerly part of the Illuminati too. The fact that a numbeer of Presidents have been freemasons, an organization that was infiltrated by the Illuminati back in the 1600s, makes me think too. Infact, Roosevelts Vice President, I forget his name, Jackson was it?, anyway, he advised President Roosevelt on the design for the dollar note, depicting the Illuminati symbol of a Pyramid with an all seing eye above it.

Both Roosevelt and his vice were apparently freemasons. Weird.
Still part of the Illuminati. Woodrow Wilson is on the $10,000 bill for no other reason than signing the Federal Reserve Act (which took away America's control of printing their currency).

The All Seeing eye is everywhere from the CBS logo to currency. Masons use all kinds of symbolic stuff in the shit they build. References to pyramids, all-seeing-eyes, old Latin phrases, etc are all around us.

The funniest thing to me are those who think the President actually holds the most power of anyone. So far from the truth.
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