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I believe a top list to show a new fan should include wide variety of weight classes, and TKOs, KOs, subs, and quick finishes and grinding decisions, and also notable fights which are not necessarily spectacular (Lesnar vs Mir 1). The idea should be to show what to expect - if we show only 25 first-round KOs the reality will be very boring.

It also should be weighed heavily towards fighters who are active today - but still include some historic and pivotal ones. The fights should probably be accompanied by an explanation why they are on the list - whether the fighter is a legend (Wandy) or if the fight itself had an important impact in the sport (Sanchez vs Koscheck, Emelianenko vs Werdum). This way the newbie will understand there's more to the sport than guys beating the shit out of each other, and that there's a rich history despite its young age.

With that in mind, my top 25 fights for a new fan - not my top 25 fights of all time, although the top 2 are:
  1. Shogun vs Hendo (best MMA fight of all time, and with two legends)
  2. Anderson Silva vs Sonnen (the most dominant UFC champ of all time in his toughest fight)
  3. Korean Zombie vs Garcia (one of the best fights of all time)
  4. Royce Gracie vs Gordeau (this is where it all started, UFC 1)
  5. Sanchez vs Koscheck (this is where UFC started its second coming, TUF 1 finale)
  6. Emelianenko vs Werdum (at the time of the fight Emelianenko was considered one of the most dominant fighters of all time, with an unprecedented and unmatched record)
  7. Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 2 (classic fight with two legends, and a rivalry for the ages)
  8. Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 3 (classic fight with two legends, and a rivalry for the ages)
  9. Edgar vs Maynard 2 (Improbable and incredible performance)
  10. Edgar vs Maynard 3 (Another improbable and incredible performance)
  11. Sanchez vs Guida (MMA at its brutal finest)
  12. Hendo vs Bisping (a decisive finish to a TUF season full of smack talk)
  13. JDS vs Velasquez (UFC debuts on network television)
  14. Cro Cop vs Wanderlei Silva 2 (two legends showing their signature styles and moves, one brutal finish)
  15. Cruz vs Faber 2 (pure technique)
  16. Mir vs Minotauro 2 (when they first met, Mir delivered the first KO to Minotauro, who later claimed the loss was because he was sick. Rematch to settle the score)
  17. GSP vs Penn 2 (arguably the best pound-for-pound match-up in MMA history)
  18. Couture vs Silvia (the shot that was heard all over the MMA world)
  19. Machida vs Couture (another shot that was heard all over the MMA world)
  20. Anderson Silva vs Griffin (real world meets The Matrix)
  21. GSP vs Hughes 3 (third match in a great rivalry with two champs from different generations of fighters)
  22. Lesnar vs Mir 1 (Lesnar the pro wrestler is welcomed to UFC)
  23. Lesnar vs Mir 2 (Lesnar the MMA fighter gets a rematch)
  24. Shogun vs Machida 2 (rematch after a hotly contested and often questioned split decision)
  25. Aldo vs Swanson (one of the most spectacular finishes in MMA history)

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