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Originally Posted by aubdoggy
I was waiting for it to be a witch hunt, but some good empirical evidence was presented. Not enough to get him fired by any means, but next time maybe we get Mazzagata, or the real man BIG John doing a bout I just paid 40 bucks to see. Its fighting, Id rather see a beat down then a puss stoppage for 40 bucks. Maybe its the sadist in me. Even Dana acknowledged it was a questionable stoppage. Next time he'd get it right. And the Mir Sylvia fight is a bad example. Anytime a fighter has to have screws inserted to fix a submission break is a good indicator of a proper stoppage.
actually the fight should be stopped just before that point.. no one wants to see a fighters caerer get ended.. but its an extremely hard call to make as every fighter cna withstand more then a different fighter.. so its really the ref best judgement

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