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Yeah, I could easily envision more than one fighter in every division winning.

I think you're giving too much respect to the former Zuffa members/guys who developed their names in other organizations, though.

Foster was a mid-tier WW in UFC, Jansen was a very game fighter but lost 2 of 3 against not so great comp in WEC, and while Alvarez and Sandro are fantastic they have flaws and their divisions are deep enough for at least one fighter to take advantage of that.

I think some of Bellator's own finds are better than them. Theoretically they can draw the same level prospects as the UFC because for the major orgs it's first come first serve and they offer competitive or even better financial opportunities. That's why you saw Lima, Dantas, Shlemenko, and Big Monster (was on the verge) showing the best in their tournaments last season.

And I don't think next season will be much different. Alvarez even is going to have a hell of a time dealing w/ such high level strikers as Tirloni, Freire, and Michel. Sandro will have a hell of a time stuffing all the TD's from Bezerra and Spoon and keeping up w/ them athletically. And if Foster got KO'ed by Brandao and roughed up on the feet by Story he's going to have a hell of a time w/ the likes of Indio and Good, not to mention any wrestlers he'll have to deal with. And I predicted Ueda to win orignially, but come to think of it he'll have a lot of trouble with Vila on the feet or ground, same with Ratinho. When the dust settles, only around 1 of the tournament winners will be established from another major organization. Bellator is always improving at locating, luring, and developing young talent.

Are you the only other poster who discusses Bellator here? That's sad. Bellator is the Rodney Dangerfield of MMA.

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