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What is happening to patriotism in my country

I just had my graduation Thursday and am now headed to my MBA. At my graduation I notice something that was disturbing to me. Before the event the flag was presented and the national anthem was sang. In respect everyone is suppose to remove their hats and place their right hand over their hart. I imediately took off my graduation cap and held it over my hart. I noticed something though. It seemed that only less than a 4th of my graduating class had done so and tons of people in the stand that didn't put their had over their hart. What I remember and how I was raised was that whenever at an event and the national anthem is being sang before you take you d@m# hat off and put your hand over your hand over your hart and if you didn't that was a big deal. Do people really don't care anymore? It makes me sad to see my nation of proud people that support eachother and stand united move in this direction.

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