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Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean in the cage, and the crowd is firmly behind Noons, the San Diego-based fighter. The y meet quickly in the center, and Noons chops away with low kicks. Evangelista fires heavy leather but misses. Noons dives in for a takedown. It scores, but Evangelista quickly back up. Evangelista catches the cup on a kick as they break, but we fight on. Noons kicks low again, and he's moving quickly. Evangelista pushes in against the cage and lands a knee. Evangelista elevates and scores a takedown. Noons back up quickly and pulls his head free. Evangelista clinches up and lands a knee that seems to hurt Noons. Evangelista pressing Noons. They separate. Evangelista holds the center.Noons jabs and shucks off a takedown. Two minutes left. Big knee from noons, but Evangelista answers and punches, as well. Evangelista lands a solid left hand. Evangelista moves inside again, but he backs quickly away. Evangelista looks extremely confident. Noons lands a solid leg kick and a nog right hand that brings the crowd alive. Evangelista drives in against the cage. Noons lands a few punches insides. Mire clinchwork at the bell, and Evangelista scores with an elbow inside. Good action to open, and gives Evangelista the nod in the first, 10-9. Very close round.

Round 2 - Evangelista takes the center. Low kicks from both to open. Noon lands a crisp right, but Evangelista answers. Side kick from Noone and he lands a solid punch up top as well. Evangelista unfazed and moves forward. Noons high kick blocked. Evangelista smiled as Noons kicks him in the leg. Evangelista wants a firefight. Evangelista eats a right but waves his head, saying it didn't hurt. Noons shoots, but Evangelista stuffs it. Right hand from Noons. Evangelista may be the one talking, but Noons is doing work right now. Halfway in. Evangelista cuts off the cage. Noons looks for a takedown and gets caught by a few knees. Crowd punctuating every Noons strike. Evangelista kicks the legs a few times. He's still smiling as he winds up with huge punches, but Noons doing a good job of evading. Final minute. Fun round thus far. Evangelista with a big smile as he cutes off the cage. Noons lands two straights and a leg kick. Noons gets stationary for a moment.He scores with an uppercut and then pummels the body. Evangelista landing up top as well. Noons tries for a takedown that misses, and the round ends in the clinch. Good stuff, and sees it for Noons, 10-9.

Round 3 - They meet in the center, and Noons kicks the thigh. Evangelista in the center. Noons works the body and slips the counter. Big exchange, and Noons lands the best shot, a crisp uppercut to the chin. He backs away and kicks the leg again. Evangelista moving forward and throwing, but Noons' head movement is on point Front kick to the face for Noons. Spinning backfist blocked, and Evangelista smiles again as he moves away. Evangelista tries to tie things up in he clinch, but Noons pulls free.Noons lands two straights. Evangelista's eyes reddening by the moment, but he's still dangerous. Noons moving against the cage. Evangelista pushing hard with knees and lands a crisp right hand. He tries to grab the neck when Noons shoots. Noons pulls free and tries it again. Evangelista has the guillotine this time, but Noons pulls free when Evangelista tries to finish it on the floor. Crowd on its feet, and Noons responds by walking forward with strikes. One minute left, and as Evangelista retreats to reset, Noons waves for the crowd. Noons jabs, and Evangelista is talking to him. Evangelista does land a few big punches, but Noons absorbs them and presses. Noons with his hands low. Evangelista clinches and tries to score on the break. Big punches in the end, and they hug at the final bell. Fun fight, and leans toward Noons, 10-9, giving him the fight, 29-28. K.J. Noons def. Billy Evangelista via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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