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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
This isn't blind respect or patriotism. I am dissatisfied with the path the us has take over the past decade however the US is still my home the US has givin me freedom and I am what I am today because i live in the US. Again I am disatisfied with many events in the past decade however give back respect and will support it because of this and work to try and get our leaders to get us back on the right track. Just because your father or friend goes off path and does something wrong you dont abandon and disown them you support and help them to get back on the right track.
Respect is not only earned, but it's not forever. You can respect someone/something one day, and that someone/something goes and does something ridiculous, and now your respect for that someone/something has been diminished. Respect doesn't last forever.

An MMA example of this would be, some people may have respected Brett Rogers for going from nothing to a big Strikeforce fighter, maybe they respect him for making "something" of himself. Then, he goes and beats his wife, that respect is now lost.

America hasn't done anything since I have been born to earn my respect, why should I respect it? It's not giving me freedom, in fact, it's passing laws that take away my freedom, it's ending my freedom, it's stripping me of my rights and freedom, law by law, day by day. Am I able to walk around outside or stay inside and play a video game without issue? Can I use the bathroom and go to the store and buy food, or maybe sit at a bar and get some drink on? Sure, but if that's freedom, every major country in the world does this. Do we have freedom of speech? No, we don't, not anymore than most major countries. In fact, we have words that are illegal, and you can be fired for saying the wrong thing. You can lose your job for word. Freedom of speech has long since been gone, and is not a selling point for this country anymore, when you consider most major countries having roughly the same "freedom of speech".

Also keep in mind my other point, which was the ability to socialize around the world in seconds these days. People know so many different type of people and can experience/learn about so many types of cultures/countries/civilizations/thought processes/religions/lack of religion/and many more things, and because of this, people aren't needing to band together and confine in each other to be proud of something, or unite and become one group. They have access to so many view points and so many different things that they find meaning/respect in things that people 50 years ago had absolutely no idea about.

The world is growing up both technology wise and social wise, and the mindset of "I'm on this team!" is starting to fade, people are instead looking at the world as a whole with countless possibilities, and many are giving their respect/interests to those instead.

That's not to say you are wrong on your thinking or anything, I mean if you respect America and all this, I'm not calling your respect blind, you may have perfectly good reasons to respect America because of how you feel/think, my point about blind respect was just a single reason as to why I don't respect America personally and might be a reason why some others might not.
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