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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The "one team" mentality should be going away, people should connect on a much higher level and be a lot more social with each other, that's the next step of social evolution in my opinion and it's showing through the likes of social media, connectivity around the world, etc, and the result is less patriotism and less respect for a piece of land they just so happened to have been born on.

I do not think that's WHY people are not supporting America, in fact I don't think that even crosses anyone's mind when they are not placing their hand over their heart for the anthem or whatever. I fully believe it is a direct result of this "one team" mindset, however, and I for one am glad it is starting to fade out.

edit - I fixed your video Mmawrestler,
I see what you are saying but I also see that as rather utopian at this point. And when the members of a nation stops supporting it that nation dies out and is often taken over or conquered. When we lose a sense of supporting the nation we have and the principles that's when another nation come in and takes us over or a dictator comes to power.

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