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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
I see what you are saying but I also see that as rather utopian at this point. And when the members of a nation stops supporting it that nation dies out and is often taken over or conquered. When we lose a sense of supporting the nation we have and the principles that's when another nation come in and takes us over or a dictator comes to power.
This is absolutely true.

However, I think that if we are to evolve or grow as a race/society, there has to be some start, and that's really all it is right now is just a start, there are still many people in America that are still in the mindset of life devotion for no reason other than they live here.

Right now, people are just starting to branch out of that mentality and where it takes us is up for grabs, but I support it even with such a risk, as a change is definitely needed.
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