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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
This is absolutely true.

However, I think that if we are to evolve or grow as a race/society, there has to be some start, and that's really all it is right now is just a start, there are still many people in America that are still in the mindset of life devotion for no reason other than they live here.

Right now, people are just starting to branch out of that mentality and where it takes us is up for grabs, but I support it even with such a risk, as a change is definitely needed.
Yes but for this evolution to take place there needs to be many nations involved just one nation will result in nothing but the downfall of that nation. Also the US itself is broken up and divided into republican vs democrat, black vs white vs latino, and the list goes on. Shouldn't we unite as americans first then move on to the next step?

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