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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
How on earth could someone say that Couture is not a legend...

Sure he wasn't the greatest fighter and lost his fare share of fights but the guy accomplished things few could dream of and had an extremely long and fruitful career. He beat Liddell, Belfort and Ortiz in their primes and was was champion of the HW division(weak division or not that is still an accomplishment). He was constantly counted out of fights but found ways to win or at least make the fights competitive.

Couture fought the who's who of MMA, Horn, Randleman, Barnett, Rodriguez, Belfort, Liddell, Lesnar, Nogueira, Machida. Those are quite the names(especially at the times that he fought most of them).
Randy is a legend, but machida has also fought the who's who of mma. I'm not saying he is a legend yet, but he has defeated bj penn,rich franklin,evans,shogun,randy...he is fighting top level competition such as jon jones and page.

Randy is good for his time, but i think we need to reevaluate the word legend. Randy gets a pass because at that time he was fighting the best of the best. The sport has evolved, and i don't think anyone will become a legend any time soon. The only locks i have are gsp,silva, with jon jones soon to be.

In my mind the sport has evolved so much that guys that randy was beating back in the days would not be top 5 today. Its all hearsay, but i bet no one would say a prime chuck,tito, or vitor will beat machida.
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