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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Before I continue I would like to say I am glad we are able to discuss this like rational people and refrain from flaming and I will rep you for that when my cycle comes back around

Well looking at the number of problems America is facing I would think patriotism and unity as Americans would be more important than it has been in a long time. Global unity is the next step in evolution however i belive now is not the time there are far too many problems that need to be worked out before this can happen.

I believe and I am sad to say that the American people today are becoing more self centered and really down right cowardly when the point their finger at someone else for their troubles instead of tackling them themselves and I think that is the main reason for the loss of patriotism.
It's always good to discuss such a thing in a civil way, there's nothing to get riled about anyways, just opinions after all.

The thing is, the problems we are facing are being caused mostly by the government, not the people. You are right that the people are more self centered and more concerned about themselves. There are two major reasons for this:

1. As I said, we have such a giant social outlet now, that we know probably 100% more information, view points, ideas, thought processes, cultures, how societies work around the world, etc, than people here in America (and even other countries) knew 50-100 years ago. They see the laws over there, the rules over there, how that place is run, they can talk to citizens over there via chat, and through all this they learn to respect/unite in other things than America.

The world is growing up as a whole because of the technology that allows us to discuss our lives with people all around the world, and people are realizing quickly, and very quickly (like last 15 years it's been open enough to do this), that there's a lot more to respect and be proud of in this world than where you were born by accident.

2. America isn't taking care of us, so we must take care of us on our own. With health care that takes your life savings and puts you into a life of debt forever just because we got sick, to laws being brought up like SOPA/Protect IP that are trying to take away even more freedom of speech and progression, to hiring high school graduates for the role of police officer, where many of them abuse their power and make the normal person dislike the ones who are "supposed" to aid us and protect us (obviously not all police are like this, my point is there needs to be much, MUCH MUCH higher standards on who can and cannot be a police officer).

America does not paint a pretty picture in today's world, American's are not relying on a government and country that is screwing them day in and day out, they are worrying about their own hide now. Doing things for themselves, if the government gets hurt then many people's mentality is that's fine, seeing as how they hurt us constantly.
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