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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
See you guys have randy as a legend because of what? I think randy is the most overrated fighter in mma history. THe man is 19-11 and his biggest win was over chuck who he lost to twice after that. I'm gonna play devil advocate, chuck and randy were the best in the ufc in that time. But there was a plenty of guys who would have gave chuck and randy a run for their money in pride.

He won his HW title beating Randleman, aside from 1 win over chuck and tito, and vitor who is a questionable a list fighter, who has randy really defeated?

Machida is 17-3 and is fighting in the most talent rich divsion in mma. Unlike back then the best guys are in the ufc. The thing is machida has a more impressive resume than randy imo. Its just the time period and circumstances which makes randy more accomplish.

If you look at it closly randy since 2007 has defeated cans and lost to legit fighters. 5-3 since 07....wins over toney,vera,tim,gonzaga,coleman....
Randy Couture is a five time UFC champion a record that will never be broken. He has wins over 6 former UFC champions same amount as Machida, though two of Machida's wins are over MW Franklin and WW/LW Penn. He started his career at 35 years old, an age that most fighters retire at. 7 of his 11 loses were to UFC champions, 3 of them to men who rank as top ten GOAT (Liddell, and Nog). His record "sucks" because he didn't have the early warm up fights to inflate his record, he won the UFC HW tournament on his first night in the sport, the UFC championship in his fourth fight...beating a future champ in Belfort before he became "questionable". And he did it all in an era where many fighters were doping.

He beat a 4-0 Vitor Belfort
He beat a 45-9 Jeremy Horn
He beat Kohsaka after his win and draws over Nog and Fedor
he beat a 12-1 Chuck Liddell
He beat a 10-2 Tito Ortiz, and broke him as a fighter
He broke Tim Sylvia's UFC 5 fight win streak, and the fighter
He beat an 8-1 Gabriel Gonzaga

His wins aren't as "impressive" as others because he didn't just win, he broke possible legends in the sport.

Now with all of that said, it's to soon to say what Lyoto Machida's legacy is. He's a fringe top ten all-time LHW fighter, for him to be a GOAT, he's either going to have to maintain position in the top five of 205 for the next few years, or drop down to 185 and win/contend for the title.
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