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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
See you guys have randy as a legend because of what? I think randy is the most overrated fighter in mma history. THe man is 19-11 and his biggest win was over chuck who he lost to twice after that. I'm gonna play devil advocate, chuck and randy were the best in the ufc in that time. But there was a plenty of guys who would have gave chuck and randy a run for their money in pride.

He won his HW title beating Randleman, aside from 1 win over chuck and tito, and vitor who is a questionable a list fighter, who has randy really defeated?

Machida is 17-3 and is fighting in the most talent rich divsion in mma. Unlike back then the best guys are in the ufc. The thing is machida has a more impressive resume than randy imo. Its just the time period and circumstances which makes randy more accomplish.

If you look at it closly randy since 2007 has defeated cans and lost to legit fighters. 5-3 since 07....wins over toney,vera,tim,gonzaga,coleman....
Did you read my post?

He held titles 6 different times and was a tournament champion as well. He was also the first fighter to hold championships in 2 different weight classes and has had the 3rd most fights in the UFC(only 2 back of Tito).

UFC 13: HW Tournament Champion
UFC Japan: HW Division Champion defeating Maurice Smith
UFC 28: HW Division Champion defeating Kevin Randleman
UFC 43: Interim LHW Division Champion defeating Chuck Liddell
UFC 44: LHW Division Champion defeating Tito Ortiz
UFC 49: LHW Division Champion defeating Vitor Belfort
UFC 68: HW Division Champion defeating Tim Sylvia

He fought and defeated many of the best MMA fighters in the world. Belfort, Horn, Randleman, Barnett, Liddell, Ortiz, Sylvia, Gonzaga, Lesnar, Nogueira, Machida many of which although nowadays don't look like great fighters were considered to be the best at the time they fought. He was also counted out in the majority of those matches as always being too old, too small or not good enough of a striker yet he always made fights close or found a way to win.

He opened up multiple mma gyms, started a clothing line, has appeared in major production movies(like The Expendables) and is constantly promoting MMA. Very few people have done as much as he has for the sport. Sure some guys like Liddell, Silva and GSP were/are probably better fighters but what have they really done for the sport other then win fights? Couture has helped get the UFC/MMA to where it is today and he played a large part in fighters incorporating wrestling into their fighting styles.

Machida beat a couple top 5 LHW's, held the LHW title for a match(even though he should have lost to Shogun) and has had a couple other decent fights. He has done nothing to promote MMA(other then promote Karate a little bit just by being successful) and hasn't had a great career himself losing 3 and arguably 4 of his last 5 fights...

Like I said before, a fighter becomes a legend for something he has done, not what he could do today. Royce Gracie is a horrible fighter but still should be considered a legend for what he did back in the day when he defeated the much larger guys and introduced BJJ into MMA. Another legend of MMA would have to be Dana White just for his ability to turn MMA into what it has become. Other then that I don't know that I would really claim anyone else to be a true legend. Guys like Liddell, Hughes, Penn, Franklin, Ortiz etc were all good fighters and helped get the UFC/MMA to where it is today but really they were only successful fighters and did little otherwise.
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