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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post

Charlie Chaplin says: I don't always speak in my movies but when I do ...I give the best speech ever.

Patriotism is dying out because people are ignorant to what it has done for them.

anyone sitting in a comfortable chair, in a heated home, reading this on their computer, owes everything that they have to the strife and struggles of the Patriots of their country.

Without them your life would look like this.

and you would never know the luxury of sitting on your ass and criticizing everything that others have done while you have done nothing.

You'd be too concerned with what or who you were going to eat next.

I cut the videos and pic out of the quote because the quote would have been pretty long.

You are correct that America once had something really going for it, and patriotism once was a good thing that aided us quite well, before it was completely established and back when that's all we knew. However, if living on past accomplishments is what matters, then we should never have progress. There was "once" a time when patriotism was needed, that time is now gone, and many people want no part of it.

No one is saying America doesn't deserve some level of praise for what it once was and what it once did, but those times are gone now. Now we use our military to attack other much more smaller countries to make money, and send our troops to guard poppy fields because it's a multi-billion dollar business interest. Now we owe a lifetime of debt when we get sick, or have even more of our so called "freedom" taken away by another law that's passed, or another innocent kid gets shot by an uneducated police officer because there's no competent system in place to weed out the idiots of such a job.

Patriotism simply isn't needed anymore, criticism is, not just a little bit of it, but a lot of it, and many people are starting to see that.

More importantly, more people have died over such ideas of a united nation than pretty much ever other source except possibly religion. It's simply not needed anymore, at least, not nearly as on a high level as it has been in the past.
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