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Originally Posted by MMA specialist View Post
Surprises and dissapoints me that a pro fighter could get dropped by an untrained drunk,, even if it is Junie.
Well Junie was jumped by what sounds like 5+ people. Even an UFC fighter can fall victim. Especially when this guy is 6 foot 3inch + and Junie is 170 wet.

Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
No source, no pics...
Im the source. I dont have pics.

Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Add source please. Moved this to smack talk as it has zero to do with MMA, and the title was ridiculous.

No love for Browning but if that story is true the guy should be sent to prison for a long, long time and banned from ever using public transport again.
Smack Talk??? the other Junie Browning thread was posted in the UFC section. Why cant this one?? The thread title was a bit ridiculous il give you that. But it was ment to be dumb humor. This is part of the Thailand Junie hunt. It deserves to be in the same section as the other Manhunt articles.

Here is your source.

Originally Posted by Fedornumber1! View Post
"you must spread rep around b4 repping sw222" or somethin along those lines

I'm surprised no one in the plane tried to kick his ass or something.
Thanks for the attempt. Thats all that counts pal. Il send a rep your way.

You have to remember that people also allowed others to hijack an airplane and crash it into a building killing everyone. People in general are cowards and add a group of people and the psychi plays tricks and has you do what the majority is doing. On the other hand i had a guy pull a knife on me while in my car (threatened to kill me if i dont give him my money) i grabbed his hand and head butted him until he fled. I like to think i would still chose to fight even if the group of people didnt. Maybe that would also affect them and have them join in. Simple stuff can affect Human behavior in drastic ways.


You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Fedornumber1! again.

Same problem haha.

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