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Major respect to M.C for all the posts in this thread, I agree with every single thing you say here.

I live in Sweden and we do pretty well so far. It's a nice country to live in and so far I have yet to meet more than a small bunch really patriotic people here.

IMO all patriotism does is alienate other people and work in the wrong direction from what this earth needs.
All people are supposed to be equal and equally worth and that can't happen when people put too much weight in to where they live. I respect people just as much no matter where they come from, I really don't give a crap and I don't consider Sweden to be the best place on earth even though it is a nice country to live in.

To think that lack of patriotism will get your country invaded or taken over by a dictator, IMO just isn't reality. I bet most of the shittiest countries to live in contain a whole bunch of patriots, the two things just arn't related.

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