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Ive gotten 4 so far - not 1 person had the balls to leave their name. Non of them make sence to me, but on 1 they left the comment "wrong" ... so I thought maybe I posted inaccuarte information and researched every fact in my post and it was factual and accurate, so I just attributed it to some clown that doesn't know the first thing about MMA and I shot down one of his little fantasies. A couple we just jerks being hateful.. oh well.

I have gave neg rep once. I left my name, I am a man afterall. But I did it out of being mad and thought I was retaliating, looks like I was wrong about it, and the person I neg Rep'd was more of a man about it then I was, because he didn't neg rep me back.

I guess I can see neg rep having its purpose. But I can't really see what it is.

If Your Gonna Rep Me, Good or Bad, Be a Man and Sign It.....
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