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AF, we're on the same page. I hate the level of dis-respect this countries own citizens give without even thinking about it.

America is an extremely unique country that has a rich past. Giving respect to the flag isn't just blindly praising the country. It's respecting what this country has accomplished and the lives that were lost to make this country what it is today.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The freedom and liberty and valor and persistence and all this can be found in most major countries.

Which begs the question, why be so patriotic to a piece of land that isn't anymore special than all the other pieces of land, especially when that land is ruled by a government looking to bend you over every second of every day?

This idea of unity in one piece of rock is nonsensical in a modern world. I fully realize other countries are very united, and it's this mindset that will continue to plague our societies with millions of deaths from wars based around "omgggg you touched our rock! dieee!!".

American's are aiding in making this mentality fade away, it is risky no doubt, but change is needed and it's procrastination and saying "maybe someday it will change......" that has caused us to have these prolonged issues.
The bolded is just quite frankly wrong. America is unique in so many ways. The world as a whole is better because of our existence and what we've accomplished. I don't want to give a history lesson. But if your reasoning is that America isn't special because of things that have happened in the last 10 years than you really need to see the bigger picture.

I will never understand how quick people in our country are to knock down at every opportunity the very country that provides them the freedom to do so. The logic just doesn't click with me.

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