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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
AF, we're on the same page. I hate the level of dis-respect this countries own citizens give without even thinking about it.

America is an extremely unique country that has a rich past. Giving respect to the flag isn't just blindly praising the country. It's respecting what this country has accomplished and the lives that were lost to make this country what it is today.

The bolded is just quite frankly wrong. America is unique in so many ways. The world as a whole is better because of our existence and what we've accomplished. I don't want to give a history lesson. But if your reasoning is that America isn't special because of things that have happened in the last 10 years than you really need to see the bigger picture.

I will never understand how quick people in our country are to knock down at every opportunity the very country that provides them the freedom to do so. The logic just doesn't click with me.
The world as a whole is better because of America's existence is 100% opinion. I know people personally both in America and out that would tell you otherwise.

Freedom is also opinion. Do you know how many people would tell you straight out that Netherlands is the "freest" regulated place in the world? Do you know how many laws are in place that cut the freedom of people who live here and how many laws are being passed right now to do more damage to this "freedom"?

Did you know there's a law being processed right now and is going to be voted on this week, that has an extremely high potential to literally break the internet freedom and take away all the freedom of work that comes with it, while bringing down an entire business industry? Did you know the only reason why this law is being even considered is because big business industries (movie industry and music) used their lobbyists to bribe congress to get such a disgusting bill to be considered? Over a million American's have signed a petition to veto this bill, because of how disgustingly broken it, yet it's still being discussed and the odds are not good for the people. This is one law of many as equally disturbing and freedom breaking.

That's not to say America is all crap of course, nore is it to say that America is "worse" than other countries, as that's not the case at all, there are still some pretty cool things about this place (most of which, if not all, you can get in most other major countries) but still, it's not a "bad" place to live, it's just not worthy of all the respect some people seem to think it does.
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