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I have worked on my shoulders with a nice two step circuit:
40lb dumbell curls and bent over row 5x5.
I started a week ago at 20lbs and it exhausted me so I bumped it to 40.

Today I did a 2 and a 3 set circuit. I also did shoulder shrugs of my bench bar at 150lbs x 20.

I am working on conditional strength now that will focus around what I will need for my new job in 4-8 weeks time.

It will center on (for the lack of knowledge: laying on my bench and having two dumbells and bring them to a vertical from my sides.), the shoulder shrugs, core work through the overhand diamonds, and squat/deadlift.

There is slight discomfort when I do a single-hand curl but it is bearable. I figure if I do the shoulder shrugs that will help me increase my grip strength (related specifically to grabbing a carry belt), the flys or what I think are flys would stabilize a person sitting on a bed from falling to the rear. The curls/bent over row would increase my shoulder strength to prevent another injury to the deltoids, curls for exhaustion.
Deadlift for core/leg/back power to move a person.

I've got a tall order, but it will come to fruition I believe.

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