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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
What race did everyone go with, have tried dark elf, wood elf, Nord and the cat man, am about to start the game again now hopefully for the final time, have already given it 9 hours of play, and have now decided the style I am going with.

Nord, big bad ass Viking looking dude, war pained.
Warrior based game style, no fcuking around with magic or stealth or any of that sh1t, I just going to keep the biggest baddest axe I can find and walk right up to my enemies or anyone in the alliance and use it to crack open there skulls, and I going to rob whatever I want from anyone without stealth, am just going to take it right in front of there face and kill them if they want to do sh1t about it, thats how I am going to approach this game from now on.
Lets see

In my first playthrough I was a Nord Woman Warrior who joined the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. I specialized in One Handed Weapons, Light Armor, and Smithing. I sided with the rebellion to free Skyrim from the Empire.

My Second Playthrough I am a Argonian Male who joined the Thieves Guild but slaughtered the Dark Brotherhood because they weren't as nearly as fun as they were in Oblivion. I specialize in Archery, Speech, Smithing, and trying to become more adept in Heavy Armor. This time I sided with the empire.

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