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This thread, is VERY cool, I guess ill post about me hobbies.

I am a stand up comic in ny, (open mic scene). every now and then I make a buck or two. But I absolutley love doing it.
after 6 months of doing it in canada, I dropped everything quit my job, and moved to ny, to grind it out in the scene here.

Doing comedy in ny is cool, because you get the opportunity to get up on stage every night, multiple times a night if you like, and you get the chance to meet some cool people. im managed to meet alot of todays great comics. the only downside is there are an enormous amount of failed comics, that are the gatekeepers between you and the mic, especially the good ones. And they have no problem taking advantage of young hungry comics. Some say its to test them, but its not.
You also come across alot of fake people, if a comic plays a background role and you see a glimpse of the back of thier head, they will promote themselves as joe comic from nbc. cause people are desparate to get tv credits, so clubs will book them.
But in the end its worth it, im willing to put in the years, so clubs will book me for 50 bucks a night, and so i can rent out a closet somewhere. Because I enjoy it, and its my everlasting quest to fulfill the most cliche statement ever "find something you love, and never work a day in your life".

*excuse my puncuation ect. kinda just blurted that all out.

oh and I also wanna put a bunch of money on Fitch vs hendricks NOT going the distance, Cause i like the payout

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