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I don't know that I deserve any credits, but here's a memory:

Back in the early 90's, there was lots of cross-training going on between the militaries of the U.S. and Canada. Some of that training involved infantry units from Canada heading to Fort Irwin in Dealth Valley, California, in the Mojave desert, to train at the National Training Centre there.

Some memorable moments:

- In the process of establishing ourselves in some of the neglected trench systems for a defensive exercise, creeping into the darkness armed with a lighter and an aeorsol can of bore cleaner to incinerate any Black Widow spiders and scorpions we were unable to capture in ammo boxes.
Those that did become our prisoners suffered a gruesome fate, as they were forced to do battle gladiator-style in said ammo boxes. Much betting and merriment was enjoyed by all.

- While in formation waiting to begin our forced march to the aforementioned defensive position (app. 14 miles), a group of American armored cavalry troops approached us to ask what we were doing. Upon being told, they looked incredulous, and with big round eyes asked, "Y'all are just gonna' walk there?!"

- First arriving on-base, and being awestruck rolling past the huge pool, the restaurants, the movie theatre, the schools- basically, this city-in-the-desert. We had nothing like it.

- For those that have never seen it, MILES gear (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) is a system of webbing and emitters/sensors that go on your person and weapon/s. The IR emitters are mounted on weapons (everything from personal weapons to tank guns can be fitted), and are triggered upon the discharging of a blank round.
The sensors are mounted on the webbing, which is in worn by troops, or mounted on the weapons systems, and picks up the IR energy. Upon being "struck", the IR emitter on the weapon is disabled, thus simulating the casualty. (Think: Laser Tag).

Both ourselves and the opposing force were fitted with MILES gear in all shapes and sizes for the aforementioned defensive exercise. We were in the trenches, and the OpForce was supposed to bridge a theoretical river to our front. Once bridged, the OpForce's troops and vehicles would be free unleash their simulated wrath upon us, causing us to cower in fear. Or something.

You know what works great for taking out a MILES-sporting bridge layer while it's "bridge" is fully extended almost straight up in the air? Volley-firing anti-tank (Dragon) MILES-sporting missles.
You know what's better than taking out that bridge layer?
Taking out two at the same time.

Attack halted. Opforce loses without firing a shot.

Commanding officers and umpire staff yelling.

Good. Times.

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