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I went to school with a couple of not quite handicapped kids that went out for football. They were freshman and I was a senior. I jokingly gave them a hard time but was never out right mean to them. They liked that I didn't bully them like most kids and I enjoyed treating them right because they had a hard go at life from the start.

One day, I'm walking back to the practice field from the pcv water fountain and see another senior push one of them down and sort of slap the other one across the head. I drop my helmet and begin to sprint the 30-35 yards between myself and the jackass. When I'm about 6 feet away I soar through the air and deliver one of the sweetest flying jump kicks the world has ever seen to the kids neck and face. He goes tumbling to the ground and looks up to me standing over him. I point my finger down at him and threaten him about messing with my two underpriveleged buddies.

He walks away with four or five six inch red stripes on his face from my cleats and I help my buddy up

In an unrelated story, I heard through the grapevine that one kids mother really liked me because I socked up a kid for bullying her son. I didn't hear about it until after he died in a car accident and had always wondered why she was so sweet to me. I never said anything to her about it but she always seems glad to see me. Makes a guy feel pretty good about himself...
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