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Chacrit Muay Thai School

Greetings from Russia!
Sorry I cannot find any information about this school on international or russia forums - so maybe someone can shed some light about this muay thai school.

I have plan to live and study muay thai for one year in Bangkok.
I do not smoke, do not drink.I am interested in healthy like, you know.
And few years ago I become interested in martial arts.
And I realise that it is not just about fight, it is about life philosophy.
And this is about right attitude and healthy lifestyle!
This is what makes you a strong individual who can protect himself and their family.

Right now I am 26, and I can't say that I am some Terminator who can kick ass.And I am don't like it, I need to change that.
and I need to complete this training to become better person.Physically and spiritually.
I have a girlfriend that I will merry in few years.
But I just need to travel to Thailand, to become a real men, so that I can protect my family.
I mean, that such training, outside of your comfort zone, will make you stronger person.
This is what a men need to do!

So right now I trying go collect money.
Please don't get me wrong - I am not some beggar.
But my salary is 400$.This is average salary in my city.I live in Siberian city named Krasnoyarsk.
So I need 10.000 dollars to live and traing for one year.
This is mean that I will need more than two years to collect money for one-year living & training in Bangkok.
If someone can help me - you can send some to my PAYPAL acccount.
name:Konstantin Kraev

Please don't get me wrong.I will delete this message if you say so.
But this is really not some fake beggar message.
You can contact me if you want and I am don't afraid to reveal my identity, because I am not a liar.

Thank you for your concern.

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