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Originally Posted by Nikkolai View Post
The problem is that he lost three in a row so I doubt that Dana will give him a good deal on the contract. That and Dana has to deal with Fedor's manager and we all know what happened the last time they tried to negotiate. Yea, Fedor won against Jeff Monson but when's the last time Jeff was relevant? Such a disaster of events that Fedor's been through recently.
Yea. It is a shame. That is the old saying though, you are as good as the people you surround yourself with.

They should have taken the deal when the UFC offered a huge deal. At least, even after losses, he could still fight relevant fights.

I was never a huge Fedor fan, but his fights got me excited. Now its back to the dark ages of Fedors career. Basically can crushing expedition #2. I can no longer get excited to see him fight...or even care much. The Monson fight was terrible. Nothing excites me about this one either.
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