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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Eh the panda thing is whatever. As for the cataclysm wrapping up, i progressed through the whole expansion up until the deathwing raid so I just kinda wanted to finish it off.

But I definitely want to play swtor, just need a better computer. I can barely run wow.
perfect reason to upgrade my friend!! the only thing i really dont like so far about SWTOR is the crafting.... granted i only have 1 character so far and havent checked out all aspects, but i have Artifice as my craft, and Archeology and Treasure Hunting as my gathering. Arch has some nodes out in the wild, but TH so far as i can tell you need to send out your companions on missions (quest) that takes time and money, you can do the same with Arch too. combat is pretty standard faire, graphics are amazing and the story is pretty badass.

as far as Dragon Soul..... i did 1 of the new H dungeons, and was pretty damn easy and dropped 378 gear, i havent done a single raid of anything from Cata, but using LFR its supposedly stupid easy, and even the regular difficulty is pretty damn easy. and the "Ending" of it is pretty dissapointing and cheesy.... i gotta say Cata is the worst expac to date, and the thought of Kung-Fu Panda's has killed it for me. but just look at the difference between say the LK kill cut scene and then look at Deathwings.... it pretty obvious i think that SC2, D3 and Titan (whenever that comes out) got all the talent working on it, and probably some interns got WoW.... it sucks because i loved that game so much.....

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