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The massive delay in postin in my log is the result of being so busy with work, workouts, Skycrack and an attempt at a social life.

So for the sake of actually having additional content:
I know new years resolutions are a joke, 99.99% of them are never completed, but in the spirit of improvement. I have one. Its simple. Fight at 205 Amateur before the end of 2012.

I know I've set competition goals before. But, sadly they were kind of a joke. Disregarding the irony of saying setting these kinds of goals can be a joke, and the sheer number of "wills" I'm about to write, here we go.

I will be applying to local and regional promotions in the next 6-9 months, and looking into understanding how acquiring a manager works, getting licensed and all of the associated components. Same for coaches, as well as finding the exact gym that fits right. Suffice to say its a lot for 6-9 months, but its completely doable.

As for the most recent workout:
Rolling 3/3
Focus Mitts
Thai Pads 3/3
-a short break to imbibe food and interwebz-
Deadlifts - to max
Stiff Legged deadlifts @ f*ck if I remember

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