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Round 1: Takaya is the first to commit to offense with a double jab. He misses an overhand right hand. Takaya with two jumping right hooks that just miss connecting on Lion's chin. Thai Clinch by Takaya and he lands a couple knees. Takeshi counters a Takaya kick with a jab. Takaya stalking looking to land his power. Takeshi counters off Takaya's picks. Takaya drops down and gets the fight to the ground as the round ends.

Round 2: Takaya comes out aggressive stalking Takeshi with leg kicks. Takeshi doing well circling away. Takeshi was warned for not throwing enough punches. Takaya lands three heavy right hands. The two trade and it's Takeshi who lands the more significant strikes. Takaya comes forward throwing wildly and lands several punches to Takeshi's face. Takaya continues to chase Takeshi around the ring with 30 seconds left in the round.

Round 3: Takaya remains on the offensive opening the round with a leg kick and then a takedown. Takeshi works to control the posture of Takaya with wrist control. Big right hand by Takaya. Time called to adjust Takaya's hand wraps. Takaya with a kick to the body. Takeshi pawing out his jab but he won't commit to it. Takaya lands a right hook and a thigh kick. Takeshi lands a jab.

Round 4: In between rounds the camera crew shows Hiroyuki Takaya's's a mess. Even with the damage he continues to press the action as the round begins. Takeshi lands his jab multiple times to keep Takaya at a distance. Takaya grabs the single collar tie and lands a bunch of upper cuts to the body and head. Fight quickly hits the ground but the fighters are back to their feet. Takaya lands a left hook but can't cut off the ring. Takaya backs Takeshi into the corner and opens up but can't put Lion away. Takeshi receives a Yellow card for not fighting. Takaya still pushing the action and Takeshi keeps walking away. This is the weirdest. Takaya is working for the finishing but can't stop Kalib Takeshi.

Round 5: Takaya continues to stalk Takeshi. NOW Takeshi starts throwing? JEEZ! Takaya is still working to finish the fight working knees from the thai clinch. Takeshi just doesn't want to fight. Takaya gets the takedown and shows why he's champion constantly looking to finish the fight. Push kick from Takeshi but come on, that's not gonna win when he's 4 rounds down. Takeshi keeps going to that push kick. Finally comes forward with punches but doesn't land them. Straight right from Takeshi. Sorry spaced out for a second...10 seconds left and they trade punches. Now Takeshi is fighting? I can't handle this it's been too long of a night.

Official Result: Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Lion Takeshi by Unanimous Decision.

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