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Round 1: High kick by Aoki and then a jab. He takes a thai clinch and then gets the fight to the ground. Kitaoka has a guillotine but Aoki escapes. Aoki takes his back and then locks in a triangle choke which is super tight. Aoki switches to an armbar and Kitaoka escapes. The stand and Aoki hooks Kitaoka's right leg. Aoki trips him to the mat and Kitaoka right back to his feet. Referee separates them. Aoki clinches and gets the fight to the ground. He's in Kitaoka's half guard. Sorry spaced and the round is over.

Round 2: Aoki gets the takedown early and works to pass to side control. Aoki stands and tries to throw Kitaoka's legs to the side for a pass. Woah the fight is still going on? Sorry I'm really spacey. Aoki lands a head kick that Kitaoka blocks. Kick to the body lands for Aoki. His stand up is really improved since moving to Evolve.

Round 3: Aoki lands a counter kick to the body. And then a knee to the body. He grabs a body lock and gets the fight to the ground. Aoki takes Kitaoka's back and has a single hook in. Aoki gets his second hook and locks in a body triangle. He's looking for a rear naked choke but Kitaoka does a good job at fighting hands. Something happened and Kitaoka is standing with Aoki on his back. The referee stands them up. Aoki shoots in and Kitaoka sticking his butt on the rope to stop the takedown. Dude is legitimately sitting on the rope. Head kick lands cleanly for Aoki and then transitions to a single leg. He gets it as the round ends.

Round 4: Kitaoka attemps a head kick but he misses. Aoki doubles up the body kicks. Looping right hand by Kitaoka misses Aoki. Aokia with the thai clinch and lands several knees that bloody Kitaoka's face. He gets the takedown and has Kitaoka's back. Aoki has a rear naked choke and Kitaoka is breathing weird. He's out of the choke but he's stuck in the body triangle. Aoki back to the choke and against Kitaoka defends to escape. Kitaoka doing a good job at surviving but he's doing just that...surviving. Aoki has the choke tight and again Kitaoka fights hands. He has blood pouring out his mouth and nose. The breathing is incredibly creepy.

Round 5: Kitaoka swinging to finish this fight. Aoki clinches and gets the fight back to the ground. Sorry spaced out again. Aoki has Kitaoka's back in a body triangle and is still looking for the rear naked choke. Fighters are standing and Kitaoka has Aoki's back. He tries to open up but Aoki quickly clinches. Aoki working his jab with 30 seconds remaining. Aoki drops for a takedown and Kitaoka has him in a front headlock and is throwing knees to the head. Round and fight over.

Official Result: Shinya Aoki defeats Satoru Kitaoka by Unanimous Decision

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