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Well, let me put it this way, no one "deserves" to get a free paid membership. This is an online forum, not your job. Sure you can post news and other interesting things that entertain people but you shouldn't expect anything material wise in return. That's what the rep feature is for. No one deserves to be given someone else's money. /end rant.

Giving away free money, which is essentially being done, is a very nice gesture but whenever someone is giving away this "free money" everyone wants it. I mean who wouldn't want free money right? So what I am saying is i would be very thankful to be given this "free money" as I am a working citizen and realize that every dollar is made by someone working. For me to be given something that another person worked for, for free, I would be truly thankful. But do i deserve it? Definitely not but i would appreciate it.
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