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Originally Posted by mfer View Post
This is the best opinion ever so please don't waste it.

Join your Highschool Wrestling and Judo Team. If you are able to also enroll in Boxing then do that too.

Wrestling is a very good base for MMA and its FREE.
Judo is also a good choice, but I would recommend wrestling if not both.

Boxing is a very good base as well.
I live in Australia. There is no such thing as high-school wrestling here.

Originally Posted by MCDOJO101 View Post
Hahaha i hate mcdojos i used to attend one when i was a little kid but i quit that fake dojang now. Depending on where you live, you should look for a martial art or boxing gym with a good reputation. Boxing is actually very good to start MMA, I'm learning boxing right now and you'll be able to throw accurate and sharp punches when you get into MMA. It is also beneficial because many MMA fighters are not strong in striking because they have to practice submissions, takedowns,clinches and etc. That is why Anderson Silva and GSP come to the wild card gym to train with freddie roach and improve their strikes. I highly suggest it if possible.
Haha, thanks for your reply.
I might go ahead and join a boxing gym next week or so.
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