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Muah, i got the master plan for you.

First, you need to act cool. Let them jump you and beat you up. Get in their heads. Once they jump you, respond with "Am i in now???" . Then once you get in its time for the second step.

Second, start off slow you know, get ur hands on some cheap rock and double the price on it and sell it to some of the fiend eigth graders at your school. Soon they will be hooked. This will get your rep up. Start gettin in good with the gangbangers bitch while still keepin your dope game up.

Third, Get a gun. Once u get the gun, u need to fake a incident. Call them. Tell them these guys on the street are sayin they are gonna kill you and blah blah blah and dramatically hang up. The take your gun, shoot yourself, and go to them. By now, they should be wanting revenge for you sake. So, u tell em it was another group of sleezy eigth graders who you didnt like either. Then, while they're gone its time for the last step.

Last, now... everything should be in motion. There bout to go kill some innocent kids and ur bout to steal their bitches! But dont get happy yet. Play it cooo. Remember, over everything, always play it cool.

Go get em bad boy.
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