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Last week I worked out TWTh, muay thai and running. I haven't worked out since this past Thursday. This is why the holidays are wearing, because they f*ck with my workouts. Today (Mon 1-2-12) I'm running, or going on the stepmill, b/c I've been sick and have had virtually no appetite.
EDIT: 3 mile run and jump rope frenzy was the best thing I could have done today. I feel much better mentally and physically, and the other people in the ring with me were sporting when I told them they jumped rope like bitches.
Tue: MT was the customary warmup (mat jog, jump rope, mat walk w/teep & knee drills) then we worked the 15 count. I've written it down and now I'm merely hoping I don't practice it wrong.
Wed: Head and arm triangle from mount and a collar choke from mount (not najijujijime, you start with a high cross grip so the inside of your wrist is right next to their carotid, then post your opposite arm out across and draw the elbow right back in; extremely effective and painful), then a few live rounds. The Carlson Gracie/de la Riva/Chuck Anzalone students we have been training with have incredible transitions from the top, which I am hoping to acquire sooner rather than later.
Thur: MT was a little more intense, as Thursdays usually are; just how I like it. The classes keep growing; there were about 14 people in a fairly small room and I think the kru was psyched. Afterward some of the guys did live standup, which I totally could have done. I was standing in the entryway with a few of the other women, one of whom had brought beer and wine, and drinking and periodically saying "I could totally do that. All of us could totally do that."
Fri: 2 mile run, 20 min stepmill, 3 min jump rope. I'm getting over being sick, so I'm not 100% atm.

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