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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I'm heading out to get some grub.

It's 8:30PM here and Pizza Hut won't deliver a single order of their pasta, as it's not expensive enough, so I'm going to have to go in to get it. I'm also rocking a Christopher Hitchens avatar. The man was a genius and his ideas/thought processes/books are quite amazing, and it's very sad the world has lost a mind like his.

By the way, I realized that I'm not an "atheist", I'm an "anti-theist" (although I don't think the hyphen is required, not sure). This much more suits my position on the subject. I found this term out only recently, pretty interesting.

Also, Swp, I miss you so much it hurts sometimes (just got done watching scrubs, couldn't help myself).
Apparently you don't miss me enough to remember what I told you about making your own damn pasta. Ain't you got a colander? I promise they're not unmanly. (I do, however, draw the line at Ruxin's heirloom tomato commentary). Do I have to do everything?

I feel far better than I did a few days ago, but it's now too dark to go and play in the snow.

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