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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Well depends on the Muay Thai coach too... most modern MT teachers have absorbed western boxing in its entirety, so you have the full jab/cross/hook/uppercut/overhand and defense arsenal from Boxing built in to MT, but with a modified stance etc. to account for kicks and knees.

If you're talking traditional MT that has weak hands and emphasizes knees and elbows over all else, then yes, but modern MT already has boxing built in IMO.
Yeah you are right on the coach part.

That might be true but just because they absorbed it doesnt mean they are as good as a boxing coach is. Its like MMA guys. Most those guys can throw everything a boxer can throw but very few of them have hands that can keep up with a proffesional boxers. Its unlikely that your hands are going to be as good at a Muay Thai gym as they are at a pure Boxing gym. It just comes down to the boxing gym having focused on it alot longer and the Muay Thai coach having less time to focus on pure boxing.
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