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Originally Posted by locnott View Post
You and I are usually on the same page Oldfan, but this is something for everyone to be worried about. It does basicly remove all rights if thats the way they want it. Its looks pretty open ended with no limits to anything if that is what they want, Im a little concerned where it could go..
We should be concerned. Strict vigilance is needed on this as with everything our government does. In fact, that’s the only hope we have of making our government work for the people the way it was designed to. That requires people to pause MW3 every now and then and turn on c-span and focus on the real world. not much hope there.

I don’t want to quote the same language 3 times but the bill itself addresses both the need for vigilance and the method.

I honestly see nothing here that is new and would appreciate it if you could show me. It is my understanding that the dust up was cased by a well meaning but misguided (the definition of) Democratic congressman who ADDED NEW language to the same old bill that gets passed every year. Language that the Administration felt could be used to hinder counter terrorism.

I would like to point out that NOTHING gets added to a bill in a republican controlled house without republican approval. The house republicans who were not in favor of the new language allowed it to be added and then sat back with a nudge nudge wink wink, hey y’all watch this attitude Knowing that any president would want the language removed, they let Mr. Obama be the bad guy.

Also, EVERYTHING in the new law expires in 1 year. If there is something in there that you think is important, NOW is the time to start telling your congressman you want it changed next year.

It’s good to be concerned. Is it important enough for people to interrupt Skyrim and do something?

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